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Doctor of Economics Mr. Denis Chriqui

French leading International Trader specialist in U.S. Stock market (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX), with more than 20 years of experience in E'TRADE, HERZOG, EUROLAND.

Mr. Denis Chriqui holds a Doctoral degree in Economics, is an international trader and member of USA Day Trader. He has been working as an economist at Banka Commercial Italiana and as a consultant in Herzog Heine Geduld - U.S.A.

Long and short term trader equities in e'Trade Palo Alto.

Professor of Technical Analysis (Bank of Luxembourg, Privalux Management Cie, Ecole de la Bourse PARIS).

Organization of desk intraday day trading with Euroland Cie.

Mr. Chriqui is a French native speaker, highly fluent in written and spoken English, as well as Spanish and Italian.

Mr. Chriqui will be glad to share his own strategies about how to enter the Stock Market using different methods such as Technical, Psychology and Fundamental Analysis.

For people that are new to stock trading, he will explain in detail what a stock market is, what to buy in a stock market and when. For traders, consultations on elaborate techniques and advice tailored to each particular case are offered. Whether you plan on trading for a living, or just to generate additional income, he will be glad to share his knowledge about how to play successfully on both sides of the market.

Below are some of the themes:

  • How the market is really reacting

  • What is the reason that makes the shares move from one side to 'the other side'

  • How to choose the best shares to trade

  • How to manage your trading positions

  • How to ride a profitable trade and cut a loser quickly

the main keys to success .


To contact Mr. Chriqui:




+331685190918 (in France)
+371 5957550 (in Latvia)
+371 9140574 (in Latvia)

Or write to:

Mr. Denis Chriqui
P.O. Box 35, Riga
LV-1010, Latvia