Gen Next Parents Rock ! Congrats !!

Gen Next Parents Rock ! Congrats !!

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Here’s Why You Rock

Gen Next parents (just like the generation before them and the generation before that) are trying to raise compassionate, kind and creative and wholesome little ones.

You are moms and dads who are highly hands on in their kids’ lives and well-being.

As parents you are so involved in making a positive and present impact on your children’s lives.

You sacrifice personal time (those daily bed time tales and pick up and drop to various classes and friend dates ).

You dedicate valuable financial resources ( that costly summer camp and that oh so expensive dance class ) to your child’s well being.

You prioritize and plan for every need for your child.

You lovingly sacrifice your sleep to put up with late night feeding, nappy changing and teething pains.

Nutrition and food, trendy clothing, best schools, extra curricular classes and camps – are all provided by you.

You raise your children to be good and aware citizens.

You teach them the importance of family and education and the need to have a rewarding career.

You aim to raise smart and well rounded children.

You provide the best of the best facilities and upbringing to your kids.


What Stresses You Out

You worry about how your child will cope with school and peer pressure.

Will your child make and retain friends easily ?

Will you be able to afford that expensive and top reputation school for your child ?

The growing cost of education and childcare plays on your mind and worries you.

The increasingly competitive school pressures worries you.

Will your child get admission in that prestigious college ?

Will your child land a well paying job in a good corporate ?


Don’t risk your Child’s Future

Sure, all these are valid and genuine reasons to feel stressed out.

However, they pale in comparison to the worry of being able to provide financially for your family.

All the daily costs of living life drain your income and leave you with hardly any savings.

While you are busy providing for and protecting your family , remember that the most important gift you can give them is financial security.

Boost your savings and plan for your financial security.


Plan Life Insurance Cover for Yourself

Life Insurance should definitely be on your finance portfolio.

Find the right insurance coverage that you need to protect your family.

Do not bank on the insurance cover provided by your employer. It is never enough.

Understand that life insurance is a necessity and an affordable one at that.

Know that the younger you are the lower your premiums.

Remember that in your absence, your policy amount will help your loved ones to pay for the day to day living expenses, school fees, loan repayment, childcare, health etc.


To Sum Up

You are the best next gen parents.

Responsible, friendly, aware – more of a friend to your kids.

While nothing can replace you in your child’s life, your life insurance policy will certainly ease and soothe their financial needs.

Don’t leave a gaping hole in your family’s financial safety net.

Get over the neglect and insignificant treatment that you accord to insurance.

Use your smartphone and get in touch now for the best insurance policy for YOU.




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