About Me

About Me

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About Me
My name is Sima Gupta, and this is my first ever blog post, or for that matter, my first ever piece of professional writing. Excited, nervous, scared, positive, joyous- these many emotions describe me as I am penning this right now.

I am a college gold medalist, a partial Company Secretary turned homemaker turned wannabe blogger. Now I am sure you must be absolutely wanting to know, why a homemaker turns to blogging at the age of 50?

Why I Am Doing This
Let me share with you my ‘why’ (inspired by Simon Sinek). Most of my adult life has been dogged with hearing about the Stock Markets and lately, with the value of investing and staying invested in the Stock Market with Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) and Mutual Funds. While I am familiar with terms like Sensex, Nifty, Bull and Bear Markets, Equity, Debt, Futures, Options, etc., I realize that I only have a superficial knowledge at best about these terms.

I believe that it is never too late to educate oneself. I have decided that I will go to the very root of the subject of Stock Markets so that I am able to understand it to its very basic core. I will take these toddler steps with some online research and a lot of valuable input from my better half who has almost 40 years of experience in the Stock Markets as of today (he started engaging in the Market at the age of 15-16 years).



What’s In It For You
This is where you come in, dear friends. I wish to take you with me on my learning journey about the Stock Markets. You and I will learn every lesson together so that in a few months we can become stock market savvy and know enough to hold our own in market discussions and also to jump into the investment bandwagon to ensure some future financial security for ourselves and our loved ones.

What I Wish To Achieve With This
My dream is to educate the Millennials who are just starting off their careers to start saving from day 1 itself. My dream is to educate the youth who are increasingly becoming aware of the need to start investing but do not know where to start and whom to trust. My dream is to educate women who generally take a backseat when it comes to decisions of investing and returns on investment. My dream is to educate all non- finance persons, who, like me, have always half- heartedly tried to understand the Stock Markets but gave up soon because the stock market savvy experts and online sites always used stock market jargon which tends to confuse rather than enlighten.

Mission 2020
Mission 2020 will be our goal, my dear friends. By then we all should gain a good understanding of the basics of the Stock Market and how it functions. Take these baby steps with me and together, we shall overcome this scary monster called the Stock Market.


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