Why You Need Life Insurance Today

Why You Need Life Insurance Today

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Ponder On This

You are born.

You grow older every year.

You pass from childhood into adulthood.

You do not know where your first earnings are going to come from.

You do not know when and to whom you are going to get married to.

When you do get married you do not know if you will have a boy or girl child.

You also do not know how you will age. You hope you will lead a happy healthy life.

You do not know if life is going to be kind or throw curve balls to disbalance you at any point of time.

The only thing you know for certain is that you Will Die some day for sure. Death is the only certainity in an otherwise uncertain life.


Answer these Questions

You agree that death is certain – only the how and when is not known.

Should you not prepare yourself to provide for your parents, spouse and children when you die?

Think, whether, in the eventuality of your death tomorrow, will your family be able to lead their current lifestyle?

Will they still be able to pay the rent or afford the maintenance of the 3 BHK that you all proudly call home today?

Will your children be able to afford the fees of the private school they are going to and will they still be able to afford that higher education abroad that you all had dreamed of ?

Is your spouse qualified enough to take up a job with a similar pay as yours ? If yes then, will your children and parents still get the same kind of nurturing and attention that they get now ?

Are you comfortable with the thought that your family may have to turn to the charity of close relatives and friends, for financial help, to meet their monetary requirements ?

How much of debt liability will fall on the shoulders of your spouse ? Do you have home loans, car loans, education loans, business loans and other gadget EMIs to pay off ??


Your Life Insurance Will Protect Your Loved Ones

Sum Assured under your Life Insurance Policy is the only surety of an uncertain future and death.

Your Life Insurance can provide your family with a lumpsum of money to take care of their daily living expenses.

Your children can continue to have an uninterrupted education until they start earning themselves.

Your aging parents will continue to get good medical care and their special needs will not be compromised on.

Your spouse can offer your parents and children a good lifestyle and at the same time be the emotional anchor for them in your absence.

Nothing can fulfill the vacumm created by your absence but your Life Insurance can definitely ease the trauma of your passing away. At least the stress related to finances will be taken care of.

Your family can continue to lead a dignified existence without having to look the charity of other close family.


Additional Benefits Of Life Insurance

Your Life Insurance Policy is treated as an asset and you can also take a loan against it.

Premium Payments made by you are eligible for deduction under Sec 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Sum received on death or maturity is also tax free. Even your Fixed deposits carry tax on the interest and the maturity amount.

Your Life Insurance Money is the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones so that they may live a stress free life.

You cannot put a value on peace of mind – that is exactly what you will have when you know that you have provided for your loved ones even in the case of the unspeakable happening to you.



Today, we are a debt heavy society. How easily we succumb to the lure of EMIs and purchase lavish products. Do not leave behind a family who has become used to these luxuries, but has to manage without them in your absence. Instead along with the EMIs pay up your Life Insurance Premiums also so that your children never have to live without all the material pampering that you provide for them.

YOU are your family’s trustee – Be the BEST one !!!

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